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Young & creative

Based in France, we are passionate and music experts.

Because Audio comes first  (Audio-visual), we do our best to enhance every projects, and allow the public to recognize your brand with their eyes closed.

From electronic  to pop music, we are inspired by any genre :

We have no boarders except your needs. 

 What  dewee does

Asking for an original composition means creating a unique, captivating music that will allow the audience to recognize your brand with their eyes closed.

We have good experience in working with Advertising Agencies, and Freelance Motion-designer from all around the world. 


The sound-design allows to give life to the videos. Whether it's an animation or a movie, the sounds carry the public eye where you want it to be. Bi-naural or Stereo, minimalist or ultra-present, we work the sound according to your needs and our expertise.

Sync Library

As we are passionate, we constantly create new songs and it is sometimes only a matter of time before a song finds its place. We help you to find the rare pearl by searching in our musical catalog and proposing various musics that we modify according to your needs.

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A.E Angeline Savelli

15 La Davière

44470 Mauves-sur-Loire